Adventure Stories of Pirates, Robots and Coconut

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Inspired by her travels around the UK Julia wrote a short story about each city she visited.

-) Glasgow: City of the Dead

Armed with nothing more than a sarcastic stone statue, a Victorian ghost and a humorous skeleton, would you try to solve your own murder?

-) Kirriemuir: Revenge of the Ginger

An unexpected holiday, time travel and a cat. – A story from three different points of views and one of those is the cat’s.

-) Bath: Love and Robots

This year the Jane Austen festival is a lot more…modern. Can a love story prevail even under the threat of a potential robot invasion?

-) Inverness: Of Sea Monsters and Pirates

At first glance Inverness may seem ordinary, but the city has more than one magical secret.

-) Stirling: A Prophecy of Coconuts

Don’t you want to discover the mystery of the coconut?

-) St. Andrews, Scotland: The Dangers of Gardening

When people start dying of mysterious wounds the rumoured vampires aren’t the only danger in town.

-) Edinburgh: Race Against the Clock

Captain Khalilah’s first mission with her own crew turns into a scavenger hunt for a stolen molecular model amongst legendary riddles.

Product includes the epub and mobi file

Type: Short Story Collection

Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary, Steampunk, Historical, Romance, Science Fiction

Word Count: 10 378 (story only)

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Adventure Stories of Pirates, Robots and Coconut

0 ratings
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